Deceased Estates

Our sincere condolences for your loss


If your loved one left a Will, and you were appointed the Executor, you will probably need to obtain Probate. A Grant of Probate is issued by the Supreme Court of Western Australia, and gives you the ability to legally deal with an Estate – particularly with property, large bank accounts and any legal proceedings.

We can assist with your application, and with any Requisitions that may be issued by the Supreme Court if they are not 100% happy with the application.

Letters of Administration

If your loved one did not leave a Will, it is called “Intestacy” or an “Intestate Estate”. If there is an Intestate Estate, or the appointed Executors in the Will do not want to undertake the role, you can apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court of Western Australia. This will give you the legal right to deal with the Estate.

This can be a complicated process, depending on the deceased’s relationships, there may be others who have a right to apply, too. You also need to be aware of the laws regarding Intestate Estates and who inherits.

Survivorship Applications & Property Transfers

If you owned land jointly with the deceased, we can assist you with a Survivorship Application to transfer the property into your sole name.

If you are an Executor, any property owned by the deceased (except joint ownership) needs to be transferred into your name by Transmission Application. We can assist with this transfer, as well as later transfers into the names of Beneficiaries (if the property is not sold).

Executor Assistance

We can provide advice and assistance for Executors – from the point of view of experienced Executors, as well as helping understand the terms of a Will and your legal responsibilities in the role. We can also assist in a number of aspects such as property transfers, or communicating with creditors and beneficiaries.