Pet Care Wills

Fur-children are family! Parents with human children appoint a guardian to care for them if orphaned – who would look after your fur-kids?

Could they afford to look after them as you do?

What would happen to your Pets?

Owners may assume that if they die unexpectedly, their fur kids will be looked after. Unfortunately, unless money and instructions are left to ensure the pet is cared for, they often end up in an animal shelter, homeless or worse.

Most people would not treat your pet as you have treated it – unless you provide money to afford it. You can appoint a guardian and set aside money to look after them if something happens to you.

Some pets live much longer than others. For instance, horses can live up to 30 years, while some birds and reptiles can live for 50 years or longer!

Old Age catches up with all of us

Of course, the older pets get, the more expensive they get with vet visits, medications, special diets, etc. Also, you’re a fur parent, so you’ve given your fur kids everything they could possibly want, including the best lifestyle you could afford! Many people might not want to take on a pet unless they know they can afford to care for it effectively (like you did) – this is where a Pet Care Trust in your Will can make all the difference!

As a pet lover, you understand that pets feel happiness, love and they grieve, just like us. If you could – wouldn’t you want to make the last years of your pet’s life as safe, loving and enjoyable as possible?”

Setting up a Pet Care Trust is simple:

  1. Who will have the responsibility of looking after them (or finding them new homes) and a back-up person; 
  2. How much you want to bequeath into the Trust to cover the vet, food, comfort, care, travel and insurance costs for the rest of the life of any pets you own at your death; and
  3. Where any money left in the Trust goes after all of your pets have passed away (and hopefully joined you).