Estate Planning

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Appoint someone to look after your financial affairs when you can’t.  Ensure someone can make decisions on your behalf and look after your bills, business, bank accounts, shares or property if you are incapacitated.

Enduring Powers of Guardianship

Appoint a close friend or family member who can make medical and lifestyle decisions for you, when you can’t.

Advance Health Directives

Decide now what your end of life wishes are in the event that you lost capacity and can no longer decide for yourself – particularly if you do not want to be resuscitated or kept alive when there is no hope of recovery.  These are important if you have been diagnosed with a terminal or degenerative illness.

Superannuation Review

We discuss what nominations you have in place, and how you want to allocate your superannuation death benefits – taking into account your intentions in relation to the rest of your Estate and your Will.

We are not financial advisors, so do not provide financial or tax advice, but we can happily recommend great professionals who can provide assistance with investments, superannuation and insurances to enhance your legacy.